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"Ever since you've held a camera, you've only seen pictures taken from about five feet off the ground.  It's time to see your world from another perspective."

Bob Ivers

Bob Ivers has been hidden behind his camera for over forty years.  He started at age 15 developing black and white film  in a small closet that he converted to a darkroom.   He started working as a substiute photographer for the local newspaper and later did individual photos for the swim team.  When digital cameras came about, Bob, already a computer professional, adopted the new media and applied it to still photography, videography, studio photography and streaming video.  "Adding rich media to your website is no longer an option. It is an essential tool for delivering your message to your customer and providing them with knowledge of your products and services.", he says. 


The places that surround you: your workplace and the products you sell, or the service you provide, or the home that you are selling, or the city lights that attract visitors to you, or the 18th hole at your favorite course, or the things that you teach your customers about, or the crop circle that just appeared in your con field -- all are demanding to show themselves in a different light, from a different perspective and in an awe inspiring way.

We provide all that it takes to add Rich Media Content to your websites and brochures.  We provide the people, the cameras, the studio, the aerial platforms, the editing equipment, the software and even do the post production work to provide you with a stunning view of your world.

​Call us to discuss your needs.


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